Transitional Housing Placement Program - Nonminor Dependent (THPP-NMD)

So, you’ve decided to stay in foster care after your 18th birthday under AB12, but are not sure where you want to live???? How about THPP-NMD (Transitional Housing Placement Program-NMD)? In THPP-NMD, you can live in an apartment or house out in the community while getting support from your CSW/DPO AND THPP-NMD staff. You’ll learn the skills to be able to live on your own when it’s time to exit care.

For more information, contact, or talk to your CSW/DPO or ILP/Transition Coordinator. Your CSW/DPO will help you in applying.

For clients that are turning 21 and in need of immediate temporary housing: contact PodShare at

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