Housing Programs
Contracted by DCFS

(Probation Youth Eligible Except for THPP)
Probation Housing Section (323) 680-3378
DCFS Housing Section (213) 351-0187

Transitional Housing Placement Program - Nonminor Dependent (THPP-NMD)

  • Non-Minor Dependents 18 Year Old and Up To Age 21
  • CDSS/CCL Licensed Transitional Housing Placement Provider
  • Supportive Services Based on TILP
  • CSW must refer

Transitional Housing Program Plus (THP-Plus)

  • 18 Year Old and up to Age 24, Former Foster Youth who exited from foster care on or after age 18
  • Supervised Transitional Housing
  • Supportive Services based on TILP
  • 24 months cumulative participation
  • CSW or Youth may self refer

Independent Living Program Transitional Housing Program (ILP THP)

  • ILP Eligible
  • Former Foster Youth 18-21st birthday (could have left foster care before age 18)
  • Supervised Transitional Housing
  • Some beds for young people with Axis 1 diagnosis
  • Supportive Services
  • CSW or young person may refer

Other Transitional Housing Programs

Other Transitional Housing Programs operated by community based agencies exist that are not contracted or funded by DCFS.

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