Steps To Get Started

Step One: Contact your ILP/Transition Coordinator

If you have an open DCFS or Probation case, you have an assigned ILP/Transition Coordinator. Just ask your CSW or DPO for the name and contact information or check out our roster.

If your case is closed, you can contact the ILP/Transition Coordinator who is stationed closest to your home. Check out our roster for a list of office locations and ILP staff.

Step Two: Complete a Transitional Independent Living Plan (TILP)

The TILP is the form where you write down the goals you want to achieve over the next six months, the steps needed to be taken to achieve those goals, and who is going to help you do that. The TILP is also the form where you tell us what ILP services you need.

If you have an open DCFS or Probation case, you and your CSW or Probation staff should be completing your TILP at least every six months.

If your case is closed, contact the closest ILP/Transition Coordinator and he or she can help you complete your TILP.

Step Three: Request Services

You will need to speak with your ILP/Transition Coordinator to discuss what services you may be able to receive and what documents you need to submit. You can get an idea of the services we provide by looking under the ILP Resources, Education, Housing and Careers pages on this site.

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